Serve Human Foundation

Our Foundation History

It is a non-profitable, non-government, non-political, voluntary and charitable organization. In 2016 it was established though on active initiative of a group of the young and energetic social workers, leaders, educationists and lawyers.
Our Youth Development Program provides the opportunity to empower the youth, facilitate volunteerism, foster self-resilience and growth as well as equipping them with necessary tools to shape them for a meaningful future. As a result, at the inception it was started its program on food, ICt program, Youth Development Training, Disaster management, Non-formal Education, Person With Disability (PWD) Development, Handicrafts, Trafficking Prevention, Anti Drug, Group Formation, Mobilizing Local Resources, Women Empowerment, Agriculture, Promotion & Protection of Women and children right etc. The society also has turned to significant sector that is income generating activities of society itself. To uphold human rights and gender equity for the socially disadvantaged community with the focus on women is another major concern of Serve Human Foundation development initiative. Also working for Empowering Youth to Achieve the UN SDGs 2030.

Our Vission

Provide programs and services that develop young leaders, services that develop young leaders, support educators, and advance in the field of the service-learning sector and also promoting good citizenship in the home, school, and community through service and leadership opportunities.


The objectives for which the society is established are all or any of the following and all the objects mentioned here under will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the government/ concerned authority/ competent authority/ competent authority/ and the objectives contrary to the provision of section 20 of the society registration act shall be treated as ineffective. This foundation shall function considering the state policy and overall public interest and it will not arrange, support or take part in any such activities which disregard the state rule and create social disorder.

About Our Ceo

Mohsinul Haque

President & CEO

STUDY BE ENJOYABLE Through the Great war of Liberation in 1971 we got our beloved independent Bangladesh. Such a victory was possible because of our Father of the Nation National Leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He is the Architect of our Independence and the Greatest Bangali in a Thousand Years. We had to make many sacrifices. After independence, we have noticed domestic and foreign malpractices to push this country backwards. But no conspiracy or evil force could push us too far back. We have seen that Bangladesh has progressed in these fifty years of independence. The present government is moving Bangladesh forward at a tremendous speed with great success. This trend of Development continues despite hundreds of limitations. However, there is no alternative to the unity of people of all classes and professions in the country to take Bangladesh to greater heights of prosperity. Therefore, the Serve Human Foundation has been playing a unique role in making the Young generation of this country efficient and capable. Serve Human Foundation is basically a charitable, voluntary, non-political and non-profitable organization. Formed with the slogan "Study be enjoyable", the organization has been conducting their various activities for a long time. In 2020, it has conducted various workshops and awareness programs. The activities of this organization have not stopped even after the Lockdown of the Global Epidemic Covid-19 from March 2020. Online training on skill development of young people in various fields was one of the important activities of this organization. Also during the Corona Lockdown, the workers of this organization in different districts of Bangladesh were always by the side of the endangered people with the help of relief. In this New Year, we have various Skills development training programs for the young society of the country. We expect the humble cooperation of all to make all these programs successful and fruitful. We hope you will all be by our side. Today, in this Pandemic, we all pledge that we will fulfill our responsibilities properly and sincerely. Only then can we take our beloved Bangladesh to the pinnacle of prosperity in a very short time. We look forward to your continued support in helping our dream.

Moinul Islam Khokan

General Secratary

LEADESHIP AND LEARNING ARE INDIPENSABLE TO EACH OTHER Greetings from Serve Human Foundation. The Serve Human Foundation is basically a charitable, voluntary, non-political and non-profitable organization. It was officially registered in 2018. Since its registration, the organization has been taking various public welfare measures. Needless to say, among the ongoing programs of this organization, we are working to build skilled Human Resources through training in information technology, language and technical education. In fact, the Serve Human Foundation believes that if the resources of Bangladesh can be utilized properly, of course Bangladesh will go a long way. Our achievements in the fifty years of independence are no less. Our country has huge manpower. If we can turn this manpower into human resources, we will be able to go far beyond the low-middle income countries. We have seen that if the young society of this country can be guided with the Right Leadership, there is no task that the young society cannot do. The work we are doing to make these young people skilled and competent includes Web Design Development Training, Graphics Design Training, Digital Marketing Training, Various Foreign Language Learning Trainings and Training on various motivational topics to build a career online. The Serve Human Foundation is also relentlessly working on how to make Young People Competent and Efficient. In the last few days we have noticed that you have been by our side and we have been able to do a lot of work with your cooperation. We do not want to belittle the contribution of those who were by our side. We are able to do the work of our Organization properly because we have these great people. Even during the Covid-19 epidemic, we see that 'Bangladesh' is now going to become a role model of development. No Epidemic or calamity could hinder the Development progress of 'Bangladesh'. We can now dream of turning Bangladesh of immense potential into a Developed Bangladesh full of Skilled Manpower. That is the dream of Bangladesh that you and I and every person in the country have. We believe that people from different parts of the world will want to come to Bangladesh to build their dreams and become permanent. Not a country in Europe or the Middle East or the Americas - Bangladesh will be the dream home of most people in the world. Everyone will dream how to come to Bangladesh! How to work with the Youth of Bangladesh! That day is not too far away! May the New Year be Happy for all - may it be successful. I wish all of you success in life.

Our  Managment

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