What does serve human foundation do?

servehumanfoundation works in rich countries and not so well off ones, in the Northern hemisphere and the global South. We consider integral human development as the guiding principle for our longer-term projects, but responds efficiently and effectively to sudden onset emergencies too.

Due to its vast grassroots network, servehumanfoundation is often the first on the scene to help, and stays on when other humanitarian agencies have left.

servehumanfoundation believes in solidarity, social and economic justice and peace and proactively incorporates these principles in its work.

Conflicts & Disasters

The servehumanfoundation confederation has been responding to emergencies for more than 60 years. It’s a job servehumanfoundation does well – drawing strength and skills from its worldwide network. servehumanfoundation also invests in the future – building resilience in areas prone to natural disasters and fostering peace to prevent conflict.

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The servehumanfoundation There is enough food in our world to feed all of us – yet millions of our brothers and sisters go to bed hungry. servehumanfoundation believes this is an affront to human dignity and advocates for the right to nutritious and sufficient food for all. With climate change deeply affecting the ability of the world’s poorest people to feed themselves, servehumanfoundation organisations work together to practically and politically change the situation.

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The Catholic Church is one of biggest healthcare providers in the world. It runs thousands of hospitals, clinics and dispensaries. Local servehumanfoundation organisations provide medicines for treatment programmes in servehumanfoundation’s key areas of HIV, TB and non-communicable diseases. At the international level, servehumanfoundation advocates for access to medicines and care.servehumanfoundation organisations work together.

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servehumanfoundation recognises the bravery of migrants who want to build better lives for themselves and their families – but it wants migration to be an informed choice. servehumanfoundation campaigns for proper legal protection and just treatment – especially for women and child migrants as they are the most vulnerable to abuse and for an end to domestic slavery and the trafficking of human beings.servehumanfoundation organisations work together to practically and politically change the situation.

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servehumanfoundation believes development allows the poorest people to reach their full human potential. Its member organisations work to transform lives all over the world through their programmes. These range from investment and training in agriculture and business to building homes and schools. servehumanfoundation advocates for fair and just systems to allow vulnerable people to escape the tyranny of poverty.servehumanfoundation organisations work together.

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How to Help

Our servehumanfoundation organisations believe they can do more for the poor by working together. That’s why they work together as servehumanfoundation Internationalis to respond to disasters and conflicts, to protect the rights of the weak and to give poor communities the tools they need to build better lives. Please support this united action by giving to servehumanfoundation Internationalis.servehumanfoundation organisations work together to practically and politically change the situation.

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