servehumanfoundation works in all regions of the world

The servehumanfoundation confederation is unique. Wherever there is need in the world, there is a servehumanfoundation organization to provide practical help, love and support. servehumanfoundation members on the ground respond to emergencies sparked by natural disasters and those created by humans.

servehumanfoundation comes to the assistance of victims of floods in Europe, to people caught in conflict in Africa, to those suffering the effects of climate change in Oceania. There, and in Asia, North and South America and the Caribbean and in the Middle East and North Africa, servehumanfoundation is an active, experienced and skilled provider of aid, long-term development, medical and educational services and advocacy for a better, more just world.


Servehumanfoundation network spreads all over sub-Saharan Africa. servehumanfoundation Africa brings together 46 national servehumanfoundation organisations. They are part of the local communities they serve.

Together, servehumanfoundation Africa members focus on human development, peace building and economic justice, while practically responding to some of the world’s largest and most complex humanitarian emergencies. These include Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo and food crises in the Sahel in the west and the Horn of Africa in the east.

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Servehumanfoundation Asia was set up in 1999. It has 23 members who work together in the different parts of the region to better pool resources.

As the region is prone to repeated natural disasters, servehumanfoundation Asia focuses on creating better disaster preparedness and on building stronger local capacity to respond to emergencies. Addressing climate change and human trafficking – which are important regional issues – are also priorities. With emergencies created by conflict also affecting the region, servehumanfoundation Asia also invests in reconstruction, peacebuilding and inter-faith dialogue.

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Servehumanfoundation Europa brings together 49 servehumanfoundation organisations, working in 46 European countries. Together, they focus their activities on poverty, social exclusion and inequality as well as migration and asylum.

Based in Brussels, servehumanfoundation Europa brings the voices of its members to European institutions, EU member states and many other public and private partners. servehumanfoundation Europa also provides emergency humanitarian assistance and operates development projects all around the world

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Servehumanfoundation Working together with a focus on peace, social and economic justice and safe migration.

The servehumanfoundation Latin America and Caribbean region covers a vast geographical area with great cultural and economic diversity. In many of the countries in the region, servehumanfoundation has a long history of working for the poor – over fifty years – tackling natural and man-made disasters and providing healthcare.

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Members of servehumanfoundation in the Middle East and North Africa work primarily on emergency response, migration, education, development, women empowerment, youth and volunteering, human trafficking and peace building.

Their humanitarian assistance programmes have grown following the turmoil of the Arab Spring and increased conflict in the region. Cooperation and inter-faith dialogue are priorities as is response to the threat of HIV/AIDS.

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Servehumanfoundation North America consists of three organisations from the United States and Canada – Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Development and Peace (Canada).

These three organisations have many tens of thousands of individual members and provide some of the largest emergency response, development, advocacy and other programmes to the united work of servehumanfoundation Internationalis.

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Servehumanfoundation Oceania brings together highly diverse members from the larger and smaller islands of the Pacific.

These include servehumanfoundation Australia, servehumanfoundation Papua New Guinea, servehumanfoundation Samoa, servehumanfoundation Aotearoa-New Zealand, CEPAC (servehumanfoundation Pacific Islands) and servehumanfoundation Tonga. Together, they work on climate change, emergency response, peace building and development – both in their own countries and in other parts of the world.

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